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Protect Your Digital Legacy

In this digital age the majority of us have multiple email accounts, social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et al), do banking online, shop (Amazon,

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WATCH: Travel Group Discusses Utah

Watch: The Travel Discussion interest group talks Utah. The UMRA Travel Discussion interest group discusses travel experiences at monthly meetings. Topics include travel in

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March Senate Assembly Report

The March report from the UMRA representative to the U-M Senate Assembly is posted to the Members-Only section:

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Distinguished Staff Scholarship

The University has a scholarship fund which we believe retirees, or soon to be retirees, might be interested in using. The Distinguished Staff Scholarship provides

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U-M Covid Policies and Guidance

U-M has revamped its COVID-19 website with streamlined content to better focus on guidance and resources for the Ann Arbor campus community regarding COVID-19 exposure,

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