Committee Activities


Develop strategy, with tactical steps, that enables UMRA to increase its value to the University of Michigan retiree community using digital means.

Jim Bell – Chair
Ed Adams
Elaine Fellows
Katherine Kurtz
Sharon Grayden
Jim Randolph


Perform all financial management activities of UMRA, including annual audits, and solicit community organizations to become sponsors.

Rodger Wolf – Chair
Jim Bell
Al Hermsen
Mike Kalasinski
Jack Kalbfleisch
Jim Randolph


Oversee and review the governance structures and policies of the Board. Ensure that the size, leadership, and composition of the board are appropriate. This committee is largely advisory, operating in close conjunction with the UMRA board.

Al Hermsen – Chair
Jim Bell
Jim Randolph

Health Day

Plan and produce a day long program for UMRA retirees on various health topics for the health benefit of retirees.

Patty Beebe – Chair
Pat Butler – Assistant to the Chair

Karolyn Brewer
Pat Butler
Elaine Fellows
Margaret (Margie) Hough
Mark Kempton
Madolyn Lottman
Stephanie Minerath
Sandy Regiani
Beth Vernier

Member Management

Oversee and administer the system used to manage and report on the membership (currently using a system from

Jim Bell – Chair
Ed Adams
Rodger Wolf
Sharon Vargo (U-M HR Project Manager)


Member Outreach

Help members get connected, stay connected and feel connected with a focus on personal contacts and communications.

Susan Shields – Co-Chair
Elaine Fellows – Co-Chair
Wayne Adams
Patty Bebee
Maureen Burns
Al Hermsen
Sandi Regiani


Plan programs for the monthly UMRA meetings.

Vi Barkauskas – Chair
Mary Jo Frank
Al Hermsen
Mike Kalasinski
Katherine Kurtz

Special Events / Learn & Grow

Plan the monthly Learn & Grow programs by selecting topics/speakers that provide useful/practical and relevant deliverables that positively impact the lives of retirees. Once topics are selected, committee members contact potential speakers, confirm details for the presentation, introduce the speaker at the monthly meeting and followup with a written summary for the newsletter, and a thank you note to the speaker.

Plan special events that do not fit the structure of the Thursday program, and may need more than an hour to cover the subject, or are time sensitive and need more urgent scheduling. 

Katherine Kurtz – Chair
Sue Crawford
Sandy Regiani
Susan Shields
Rodger Wolf


Plan and participate in all travel opportunities and encourage interest in regional events for all UMRA members.

Carol Williams – Co-chair
Pat Butler – Co-chair
Elizabeth Baron
Sue Bemis
Al Hermsen
Vivian Reeves
Sandy Regiani
Beverly Turner

Volunteering Task Force

Manage the Volunteer webpage which connects organizations who are looking for volunteers with members who are seeking volunteer opportunities in the community.

Look for singular group volunteer opportunities in the community to connect  members through our Shared Interest Groups (SIGS) and publish those opportunities in UMRA News. 

Al Hermsen – Chair
Vi Barkauskas
Pat Butler
Judy Dean


Advisory Committee to Recreational Sports Representative

Charlie Koopman

Attend monthly meetings and report relevant information to the UMRA Board.

Committee on Economic Status of the Faculty (CESF) Representative (Faculty)

Suzanne Selig

Attend CESF meetings, stay informed on issues pertaining to retirees, represent UMRA interests to CESF, and report relevant information to the UMRA Board.

MHealthy Advisory Committee (MHAC) Representative

Jim Bell, CPA, JD and former Chief Administrative Officer at the Medical School

Attend MHAC meetings to insure the needs and contributions of retirees are included in the committee actives and report relevant information to the UMRA Board.

Senate Assembly Representative – Non Voting (Faculty)

Shake Ketefian, Professor Emerita
Suzanne Selig, Professor Emerita of Public Health and Health Sciences

Attend meeting of the Senate Assembly to represent retired faculty interests, including policies and procedures that the UMRA Board deems relevant, and report relevant information to the UMRA Board.

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