Committee Activities


Develop strategy, with tactical steps, that enables UMRA to increase its value to the University of Michigan retiree community using digital means.

Jim Bell – Chair

Ed Adams

Pat Butler

Sharon Grayden

Nancy Firestone

Janet Mendler

Jim Randolph


Perform all financial management activities of UMRA, including annual audits, and solicit community organizations to become sponsors.

Rodger Wolf – Chair

Jim Bell

Tom Butts

Al Hermsen

Jim Randolph

Health Day

Pat Butler, Co-Chair

Sue Bade, Co-Chair

Elaine Abbondanza

Karolyn Brewer

Margaret (Margie) Hough

Kathy Lanava


Identify possible board members and present a slate to the Board and at the October Annual membership meeting.

Jim Randolph – Chair


Plan programs for the monthly UMRA meetings.

Vi Barkauskas – Chair

Pat Butler

Al Hermsen

Katherine Kurtz

Special Events

Judy Dean – Chair

Pat Butler

Tom Butts

Katherine Kurtz

Rodger Wolf


Plan and participate in all travel opportunities and encourage interest in regional events for all UMRA members.

Norel Tullier – Chair

Carol Williams

Pat Butler

Sue Bemis

Vivian Reeves

Volunteering Task Force

Al Hermsen – Chair

Vi Barkauskas

Pat Butler

Judy Dean

Janet Mendler

Task Forces

Constitution/Bylaws Revisions

Jim Randolph – Chair

John Krienke

Thomas Bletcher


Membership Requirements

Linda Williams – Co-Chair

Michael Kalasinski – Co-Chair

Michael Donnelly

Janet Mendler

Rodger Wolf


Advisory Committee to Recreational Sports Representative

Attend monthly meetings and report relevant information to the UMRA Board.

Charlie Koopmann

Committee on Economic Status of the Faculty (CESF) Representative (Faculty)

Attend CESF meeting, stay informed on issues pertaining to retirees, represent UMRA interests to CESF, and report relevant information to the UMRA Board.

Vi Barkauskas, Associate Professor Emerita of Nursing

MHealthy Advisory Committee (MHAC) Representative

Attend MHAC meetings to insure the needs and contributions of retirees are included in the committee actives and report relevant information to the UMRA Board.

Duane Kirking, Professor Emeritus of Social and Administrative Sciences

Senate Assembly Representative – Non Voting (Faculty)

Attend meeting of the Senate Assembly to represent retired faculty interests, including policies and procedures that the UMRA Board deems relevant, and report relevant information to the UMRA Board.

Shake Ketefian, Professor Emerita

John Mansfield, Emeritus Assoc. Research Scientist

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