Officers & Board

Our Board of Directors is comprised of UMRA members representing staff and faculty from around the University with expertise in a wide range of areas. The Board meets monthly and is responsible for taking care of the strategic, operational and financial health of the organization.


Katherine Kurtz


James Randolph¹

Vice President

Mike Kalasinski


Rodger Wolf

One side of a large meeting room with chairs arranged around a large rectangular table and wall mounted projection screen
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Terms Ending in 2023

Al Hermsen¹, Past President

Mike Kalasinski, Vice President

Jack Kalbfleisch¹

Esrold Nurse

Rodger Wolf, Treasurer

Terms Ending in 2024

Ed Adams¹, Digital Media Advisor

Vi Barkauskas, Representative, Committee on the Economic Status of the Faculty (CESF)

Patricia M. Butler¹

Katherine Kurtz, President

Jan Lach¹

Terms Ending in 2025

Jim Bell, Representative, MHealthy Committee

Sharon Grayden, Editor of UMRA News

Jim Randolph¹Secretary

Suzanne Selig

Susan Shields¹

Past Presidents

Don Thiel
Doug Woolley
Jim Thiry
Pat Butler
Jim Bell
Al Hermsen