MHealthy Physical Activity Videos

MHealthy was established to encourage a culture of health at the University of Michigan. The university recognized that the most progressive and successful organizations in the country value employee health as a key ingredient to individual and organizational success.

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Physical Activity Videos

Move more with MHealthy instructors! Simply click on the category below that interests you and find a collection of videos to help support your movement routine.

Always keep in mind the basics of starting slow and building up gradually — do not try to do too many of these too quickly.  The flexibility these classes allow is important. You decide: the exercises that are right for you, when and the amount of time to exercise, and how to structure your exercise. Flex your schedule as needed. Select individual classes or create playlists. You can change your schedule, classes, or playlist as often as you need. Have fun.  

Create your Personal Physical Activity Playlists

Take your MHeathy physical activity routine to the next level by creating a playlist of your favorite routines across the various video offerings. You can create, for example, a morning playlist and an evening playlist, each with a different set of videos. A watchlist is a simpler, single list of your favorites.

Step 1

Login with your U-M account. See your watch and play lists.

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Step 2

Choose and add your favorite videos to your watchlist.

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Step 3

Your finished Watch/Playlist. 

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