This site provides links to the websites of Big Ten Retirees Association member organizations. To access the most useful and most timely information about each member group and their institution, select from the links in the Directory, below.

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Logo of the BigTen Retirees Association

Member Directory

University of Illinois

Illinois State Universities Annuitants Association
John C. Marlin
364 Henry Administration Building, MC-346
506 S. Wright St.
Urbana IL. 61801-3689

Indiana University

Indiana University Retirees Association
P.O Box 8393
Bloomington, IN 47407-8393

Board contact:

Joyce Krothe

University of Iowa

University of Iowa Retirees Association
P.O. Box 1952, Iowa City, IA 52244-1952

Emil Rinderspacher

University of Michigan

University of Michigan Retirees Association
2005 Wolverine Tower, 3003 S. State Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1281

Al Hermsen, President

Michigan State University

Michigan State University Retirees Association
Suite 22, Nisbet Building
1407 S. Harrison Rd.
East Lansing, MI 48823-5239

Rick Vogt, President


University of Minnesota

200 Oak Street SE, Suite 250
Minneapolis, MN, 55455-200

Ron Matross, President, 2022 – 2023

University of Nebraska

University of Nebraska – Lincoln Emeriti Association

John Comer

Northwestern University

Northwestern Emeriti Organization

Jeffrey Garrett, NEO President & Editor, The Emeriti News
Gina Prokopeak, NEO Administrative Assistant

The Ohio State University

Ohio State Retirees Association

Meg Teaford, President

Pennsylvania State University

The Penn State Retiree Association
P.O. Box 1345, State College,PA 16804

Alan Cameron, President

Purdue University

Purdue University Retirees Association

Jerry Day, President

University of Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin-Madison Retirees Association
21 North Park Street Room 7205
Madison, WI 53715-1218
608-262-0641 (Office)
608-712-8280 (Mobile)

Sandi Haase, Executive Director

Future Meetings

2023 – University of Wisconsin

2024 – The Ohio State University

2025 – University of Michigan

2026 – University of Minnesota

2027 – Michigan State University

2028 – University of Nebraska

2029 – Purdue University

2030 – Pennsylvania State University

2031 – University of Illinois

Big Ten Retirees Association By-Laws


The name of the organization is the Big Ten Retirees Association.


The purpose of this Association is to enhance individual member retirees associations through a process that includes:

A. A yearly conference that is rotated among the member institutions;
B. Sharing newsletters; and
C. Exchanging information that includes but not limited to: Universities rosters, directories, etc.; Members benefits; University profiles.


Membership is open to retiree associations of Big Ten Universities. Each member will have two voting representatives who are members in good standing in their association. Each representative will have voting privileges. Other representatives may attend conferences and business meetings.


Section 1 Executive Board

The Executive Board is composed of the “Chair”, “Chair-Elect”, and the ” Immediate-Past-Chair”. The “Chair” is the host university for the current year’s conference; the “Chair-Elect” is next years host university, and; “the Immediate-Past-Chair” is last year’s host university. The duties of the Board are:

1. To serve as an advisory body to the “Chair” in planning the annual conference.
2. To keep records of the annual conference and submit an annual report.
3. To review the By-laws of the Association and edit or add By-laws as needed.
4. Develop the agenda for the annual business meeting to be held at the annual conference.

Section 2 Actions of the Board

1. Propose changes or additions of By-laws to the membership.
2. Any action of the Board that is challenged in writing by the representatives of the member institutions must either be rescinded by the Board or submitted to the members for a vote.
3. The three Board members must have consensus on all issues.

Section 3 Chair

The “Chair” presides over all meetings. The “Chair” is the designated representative of the host institution. The host institution is the member institution that is in charge of the annual conference.

Section 4 Terms of Office

Each position is one (1) year and is rotated to the next university according to a rotation schedule agreed upon by the Association members.


There shall be an annual conference to be planned and hosted by the host institution. There shall be an annual business meeting to be held in conjunction with the annual conference. The members present constitute a quorum.