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Pat Butler and Don Thiel, Thank You for Your Service


In December two very special individuals, stepped aside and handed the torch of leadership to new officers. For many years, Pat Butler, UMRA president since 2013, and board member, Don Thiel, also a past president and past treasurer, have been amazing stewards of UMRA and have steered it on a course that has realized one success after another. But what do you do when a simple “thank you” seems inadequate? How do you properly acknowledge the many years of tireless effort, persistent dedication and unrelenting commitment to UMRA?

Well, indeed you do say “thank you.” Then you contact U-M President Schlissel and let him know of these two extraordinary individuals, and he, too, extends his deepest gratitude and thanks in a personal letter to each. Their years of service were celebrated at a luncheon where Don and Pat were presented with engraved glass bowls commemorating their individual and collective contributions to both the university and to UMRA. These bowls are exceptional as they are typically only presented to retiring U-M vice presidents. UMRA members expressed their thanks during a special presentation at the December UMRA program at Weber’s Inn.

About Pat Butler—For almost 30 years she served the university both in and out of the classroom. She taught in the School of Nursing and then served as a diabetes educator in the U-M Health System. Pat will continue to serve on the UMRA Board.

About Don Thiel—For more than three decades he worked to improve staff benefits, enhance financial services and further development initiatives. Don has been a hands-on participant in UMRA for the 20 years since his retirement.

On behalf of the entire UMRA membership, we applaud both Pat and Don. The success of our organization is a direct result of their commitment to quality. Their personal and professional investment in the retiree community has been the differentiating factor that has distinguished UMRA from other groups and continually moved the organization in a positive direction. Our gratitude abounds.

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