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U-M’s MHealthy program has been recognized as a national leader in workplace well-being with the 2021 C. Everett Koop National Health Award. MHealthy delivers health and wellbeing activities to improve lives and support a culture of health. UMRA Board Members are represented on the MHealthy advisory committee.

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  1. Marjorie Findley

    National Award for Mhealthy pertains to programs for Employees, not Retirees, so it’s not clear what relevance it has posted on UMRA. It describes the benefits of lowered medical and pharmaceutical costs — which Seniors need most! My issue is that we are excluded from Silver Sneakers (or comparable), as needed
    for folks who do NOT live near Ann Arbor. While there would be a cost to UM make this change, there would also be a reduction in medical care utilization expense. Isn’t that suppose to be the trade-off ?

    1. Ed Adams

      Hello Marjorie,

      Thanks for your comment. The MHealthy award was posted because we always try to keep retirees informed of accomplishments of the University of Michigan in general. Some MHealty programs are available to retirees. In addition, UMRA is represented on the MHealthy committee by Jim Bell who is a board member and past president. UMRA has had a focus on making U-M more aware of our organization so that we can try to increase benefits to retirees. You may have noticed our recent announcement where U-M ITS has made the Tech Shop and Tech Repair services available to retirees. We are working hard on many fronts.

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