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Car Insurance Benefits – Save Money on Your Insurance


The University of Michigan provides “coordination of benefits with Michigan No-Fault.” This arrangement designates that, in the event of an accident, U-M is the first provider and your personal car insurance carrier is the second provider. Some retirees have realized as much as a $250 annual savings on their premiums. 

To get the rate reduction you will need a letter from U-M to send to your insurance company.  To obtain the letter, call the Shared Services Center (734-615-2000 and choose option 1 and then again option 1).  Explain that you need a letter for your insurance company in this regard.  They will mail you a letter confirming this arrangement.  Then, send the letter to your insurance company. Your savings will depend on your insurance company and your deductible level.

[Note: you can also submit your request for a letter online at ]  

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