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UMRA President & Treasurer reports for
Oct. 2012 Annual Meeting

October 5, 2012
Annual Meeting, Election of Board Members

UMRA 2012 President's Report

In compliance with our constitution, this report is submitted to the membership.

Programs and events: For information regarding the nine social Hour programs arranged by Vice President and Program Chair Pat Butler, please refer to issues of our newsletter available on our website. Attendance ranged from 50 to 200 . The annual health day on April 24th received positive reviews from the 140 members who attended. Three classes were scheduled for retirees needing guidance for the conversion to Google. The classes were followed up by three individual help sessions.

Membership: 900 households totaling approximately 1500 members/spouses /partners.

Finance: Treasurer Don Thiel will present our annual financial report in a separate document.

Communication: Three issues of the newsletter to members were published under the leadership of board member Fred Remley . Effective with the August Newsletter, Joanne Nesbit succeeded Fred as Newsletter Editor. Ferial Rewoldt continues to contribute articles. Following discussions with Jim Knight , Manager of HR Communications, we now have administrative support from that unit for layout and production of the newsletter. Programs and events are also announced in the University Record and in email to members. General information about our association is provided on our website ( which is maintained by Fred Remley. Minutes of board meetings are recorded by board member and Secretary Jan Winslow Smith.

Relationship to University Administration: Board members Fred Beutler, Fred Remley, Ellen Woodman, Elizabeth Mutschler and Lawrence Jones and member Al Storey represented UM retirees on various faculty governance and advisory committees regarding health , rec sports and benefit programs.

Big Ten Retiree Associations: Pat Butler and Fred Beutler represented The University of Michigan at the August Big Ten Conference in Columbus Ohio. Pat is chairing the planning committee for the 2013 conference in Ann Arbor

Submitted by

Jim Thiry, President

October 2012



Attached are the Cash Flow and Net Worth financial reports for one year ending September 30, 2012.

The Association continues to receive substantial support from the University. In addition to our office, with computer, and files located in Wolverine Towers, we have received financial assistance as follows:

Postage\Mailing                         $3,500

2012 Health Day                        $3,500

2013 Big Ten Retirees Assoc. $3,000

The Association dues increased to $10 for the 2012-2013 year. This will produce an additional $1,600 in revenue.

The 2011 tax return was filed on time and we have received our 2012-13 State of Michigan Charitable Solicitation License.

Please let me know if you have any questions about any financial aspect of the Association.

Respectfully submitted,


Don Thiel


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UMRA is a tax-exempt charitable organization and contributions to the Association may be included as "Gifts to Charity" for Federal Income Tax purposes.

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